Residential Metal Fabrication in Los Angeles

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For over 20 years G & G Metal Fabricator has completed residential projects that range from simple and elegant projects to beautifully crafted specialty work. If you own a home in Los Angeles, Orange County, or the Inland Empire, we have a wide range of high-quality, unique custom metal fabrication options available. We understand that iron works are an investment and we’re committed to creating well-made pieces that stands the test of time.

Creating iron works for residential properties is one of our specialties here at G & G Metal Fabricator in Los Angeles. Throughout the years our team has worked on numerous projects, creating a comprehensive portfolio of top quality and timeless designs. We have significant experience with both multifamily and single family home projects so whatever your residence looks like we can find designs that work with the property. Whether you recently purchased a home in Los Angeles, Orange County, or the Inland Empire or have owned your home for many years, all houses can benefit from state of the art iron works. We can build you a beautiful custom design from scratch or

Our menu of products is designed to help customers who are looking for direction during the initial phase. At the same time we also give our customers the flexibility to choose custom designs that they envision. Our project managers will also discuss what exactly you’re hoping to get out of the products in order to provide advice and guidance towards the metal works that may work best for you. Some of the residential metal fabrication products we offer include:

In addition to selecting designs from our portfolio, we are also proud to offer the ability to create unique and custom work for our residential customers. If you have an idea of what you’re looking for we can easily work with you to determine the best way to go about the project, the time frame, and the cost.

When you trust G & G Metal Fabricator to build custom metal fabrications for your residence, you benefit from having a dedicated team see your project all the way through. We take pride in providing quick turnaround times for projects without sacrificing quality. Our team can conduct a physical assessment of the property to identify what products will work best for your home.

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