Custom Wrought Iron Railings in Los Angeles

decorative metal fence

One of the most requested types of metal fabrication on the market today are metal railings.  At G & G Metal Fabricator we are happy to provide customers with a wide range of popular metal railing options. Additionally, we can craft custom wrought iron railings to your liking in order to perfectly and beautifully complement your residential or commercial property.

The types of metal railings we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom gates and fences
  • Electric gate openers
  • Security gates
  • Custom stairwells
  • Phone systems
  • Driveway gates
  • Custom balconies
  • Custom front doors
  • Chain link fences

What is a Metal Railing?

A metal railing, also known as an iron railing, is simply a type of fence made of iron. They are also used to provide a barrier in a decorative manner that adds character to a property. What is unique about these types of fences is the fact they are known for coming in a variety of ornamental designs.

What to Know About Metal Railings

Not all metal railings are created equal, and if you are looking for the best quality than metal railings should be made out of wrought iron. Wrought iron is more durable and has the ability to be fabricated into various shapes. Metal railings are also commonly made from cast iron, which is also a good option but of slightly lower quality compared to wrought iron. Metal railings are popular because they offer a wide range of designs and are very versatile in where and how they can be used. For example, not only can they add a decorative element to a home, but they can also provide security.

Where Can Metal Railings Go?

Metal railings are extremely versatile and can be put in numerous areas throughout a home or commercial property. Though they are commonly used in the exterior of a property, many customers opt to have ornamental iron railings inside of the home as well. This is especially popular for staircases and on the second story of a home to provide a barrier. Outside of the home, metal railings are commonly used as handrails, in entrances where there are steps, or even around a deck or pool.

How Are Metal Railings Fabricated?

As a metal fabricator company, we fabricate all metal railings in-house. Our artisans carefully craft each metal railing to perfection thanks to their years of experience in the industry. The metal structures needed for your product can be bent, shaped, drilled, and assembled to the required specifications. The pieces will also be coated with protective paint to prevent erosion. From here, depending on the project the metal might be welded, laser cut, sheared, burned, or may go through some other method to reach its final shape. The final touches include sanding, priming, and painting the finished product. After that, your product will be ready for installation.

What Designs Does G & G Metal Fabricator Offer?

We’re proud to offer our customers a wide variety of ornamental iron wrought iron railings and custom wrought iron designs. Whether you’re interested in a classic ornamental design or already have a custom idea in mind, our team is ready to help. For a full range of designs, visit our Gallery or give us a call!

Care of Metal Railings

Once you have a beautiful hand-crafted metal railing it’s important to take proper care of it in order to extend the life of it. Metal railings are subject to rust when exposed to moisture and harsh weather. Even if your metal railing is located indoors, you’ll still want to make sure to maintain the paint since an indoor environment will not fully provide immunity. Keeping your metal railing clean is of utmost importance. This includes cleaning it with warm water when it’s dirty, keeping weeds and other plants away, and keeping the fence as dry as possible. Applying protective coating and keeping up with the paint can make a huge difference. If you notice rust developing, get it taken care of right away to prevent further damage. Our team can recommend protective coatings in order to help prevent rust from developing in the future.

Are Metal Railings Worth It?

Metal railings are meant to be solid, durable pieces that last for years. With proper care and maintenance, you can truly get the full range of life of your product. Metal railings also have numerous benefits whether it’s to provide aesthetic appeal, give you a sense of security, or provide extra safety measures. When you choose a company that is highly experienced in creating top quality products, metal railings are absolutely worth it.

If you’re considering metal railings for your home or commercial property, get in touch with us at G & G Metal Fabricator. We are happy to go over the various types of metal railings and can suggest which would be best for your project or work with you to build a custom wrought iron design.