Our Process

decorative metal fence

At G&G Metal Fabricators we’re committed to seeing all of our projects through with accuracy and in a timely manner. This is why every one of our projects follows our fabrication process to ensure all goals and objectives are met. We respect your time and energy which is why we aim to cause minimal disruption of your daily life by keeping our process simple and with only the necessary amount of meetings.

Initial Meeting

Meeting with our customers to go over the work and design is a very important part of our process. We’re dedicated to helping our customers bring their dream designs from concept to reality. We do this by working closely with you in order to flesh out the details of the project and by providing input on design ideas. The wrought iron fabrication process is detailed for both commercial and residential projects and working together allows us to understand your vision.

Choosing Products

After the initial meeting where ideas are discussed, the next step is to decide on the design and products. During this phase we translate all the collected information and design ideas into a more detailed solution. We recommend the products that fit closest to your vision and allow you to decide on the best option for your project. You will also receive a price estimate of the work to be completed.

Finalizing Work

During this phase we work with you to make any last minute changes and adjust the price accordingly. We will develop the final design and work schedule along with the plan to build and install the project.

Build and Install

Once we have finalized the plan regarding the work to be done as well as the price, we move on to the final stage which is building and installing the work. The team at G&G Metal Fabricator will begin to execute the work accordingly and will keep you updated on the progress. Our project managers will keep you in the loop on where we are in the process throughout the entirety of the project. This stage ends with the successful completion of the project.design and work schedule along with the plan to build and install the project.