Custom Wrought Iron Gates for Sale

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G & G Metal Fabricator is the premier choice for custom wrought iron gates in all of Los Angeles county. Producing quality, wrought iron products is our top priority and we thrive on assisting our customers find the perfect product for their property. A beautiful, custom metal gate can add a polished look to your home. Not only are our metal gates fully functional, but they add a new element of design to your property.

A well-built, sturdy gate will be extremely effective in keeping pets and kids inside your property while simultaneously keeping other people out. Because we are a small, family-owned company we offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to designing and building your dream metal gate.

We specialize in all types of metal gates including:

  • Driveway gates
  • Automatic gates
  • Wrought iron gates
  • Gate telephone systems
  • Swing driveway gates
  • Sliding driveway gates
  • Security gates
  • Overhead gate operators

Automatic electric Gate openers

An example of one of the wrought iron gates for sale

Automated electric gate openers are a popular choice due to the convenience and security that they provide. Even with an automatic gate, customers still have many options when it comes to deciding on the type of custom wrought iron gates that are right for your home or business.

The three most common types of automatic electric gate openers are swing arm gates, sliding gates, and overhead gates. Just as the name suggests a swing arm gate swings open from one side. This type of gate has a unit on one side and is powered by motors and actuators. There are two types of sliding gates to choose from. The first is a single sliding gate which slides left and right with the use of wheels. Double sliding gates need two motors since both gates have the ability to move and are more complicated to install. Finally, overhead gates are often seen in commercial buildings or parking garages. This type of gate lifts up overhead and is powered by a motor.

Another benefit of automatic custom wrought iron gates is that they can give a new look to your home or commercial property. No matter what type of automatic electric gate opener you choose, you can customize the design and materials to achieve the perfect gate.

Building the Gate

If you’re interested in a metal gate you’ll want to start off by deciding on a classic or custom design. Whether you want your metal gate to make a statement with its curb appeal, provide security, or both we can craft your gate to achieve this. From there, our project managers can advise on the best steel materials to use for your particular project. We can even suggest complementary products to your metal gate such as iron railings or iron fences. Our trained technicians will work tirelessly to fabricate and build your gate to perfection. Once it’s completed, it’s time to install the finished product.

Installing the Gate

On each one of our projects, our professional team members take extra care when installing residential and commercial gates. Their attention to detail and expert knowledge will ensure that your gate works properly right from the get-go. Automatic electric gate opener systems will require extra time and consideration to install due to the nature of these projects. The technician will need to decide on motors, remote controls, transmitters, and other safety features to ensure your gate works optimally, even during a power outage.

Additionally, we can install a telephone entry system for commercial buildings, apartments, and residential properties. This can provide extra security and peace of mind knowing that these protected areas will be secure.

For all of your custom wrought iron gates, metal gates and automatic electric gate opener system needs, contact G & G Metal Fabricator today!